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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Costa Brava

Last weekend, we took a short trip to Spain with our friends Jonathan, Roybn, and Jonathan's brother Mark.

I liked the new terminal at Charles de Gualle Airport.

After wandering the streets of Barcelona for a couple of hours, we went to a restaurant our friends had eaten at last time they were here.  Our reservations were for 10:30 PM, and there were groups of people being turned away every minute we waited, because they didn't have reservations.  The food, wine, and service were exceptional.  Very memorable.

The next morning, we drove about one and a half hours south of Barcelona to Begur.  Begur is a very small, traditional Catalan town with an old castle on a hill.  They limit development in the area, so there are no tall hotels, and lots of unspoiled forests.  Here's a view from in town.  

This is truly a Catalan area.  The signs are all in Catalan and Spanish.  You can hear people speaking in Catalan.   It's very strange to be in a Catalan area for a Spanish speaker, because it's a very similar language, but not the same.  They say ''aeroport'' instead of ''aeropuerto.''  In general, they leave off the last O that lots of Spanish words have. For gold, they say ''aro'', instead of ''oro.''  

The place Jonathan and Robyn rented for us had a spectacular view from the deck.   

There was a Buddha statue at our rental apartment.  Unfortunately, as the sign says, it was ''Out of Order.''  :)

We had good enough weather to hang out on the beach one afternoon.  We walked the coast trail about twenty minutes in one direction and saw more of the great coastline.  If you look carefully at the center of the picture above, you can see white, 300 foot-high cliffs of stone across from an island.  The next day, we drove there.  It only took about a half hour or so.  

Once we got there, we headed to the top.  From up there, you can look back on the town and its marina.

Once you get to the top of the cliffs, you can look down to the sea.  You can hear the sound of the waves  on the rocks below, and hear the seagulls. 

We walked further along, then crept near the edge of the cliff and saw this.

We even saw some people down there.  

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