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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poussette de Marché Anyone?

OK, this is a definite lifestyle change indicator.  No cars - grocery shopping on foot.  So, we need ''one of those things." (See me pointing at a person going down the street with one).  Searching for ''one of those things'' online doesn't get you very far.  So, by some lucky guessing, I found out they're called a poussette de marché.  This could be translated as "market stroller."  That's what they're sold as on the web.  But, when I mentioned it to our apartment broker, she gave me a puzzled look for two seconds, and then said, "Oh, a caddy!''

Look how many poussettes de marché there are to choose from on just one web site:

And how expensive they are.  You can buy a Bentley of caddys, but I'm not sure who would.  If you're really rich, you probably don't use one of these anyway.  They've got deux roules, quarte roules, and even six roules (wheels).  Even Jennifer's French coworkers weren't sure why you'd want six wheels.  Our educated guess is six wheels are supposedly for dragging them up stairs - bump, bump, bump.

We have to look at this as an adventure, not a demotion, right?!

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