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Friday, May 10, 2013

Jennifer Spots Pickpockets in Paris

We'd been warned about pickpockets lots of times, and I tend to rest my hand on my wallet a lot, but no harm has come to us yet.  For example, friends told us of girl whose mobile (phone) was grabbed while riding the metro.  But, that story had a happy ending because she screamed out "My phone!", and the crowd saw the guy running and tripped him up.  Then other commuters surrounded him while he was picking himself up.  Everyone yelled at him to give the phone back, and so he did, then ran off.

Well, now we have our own story.  Jennifer was on the way home on the metro last night when she noticed this young woman standing up against an older guy who was with his wife.  She was thinking "That girl's standing oddly close to him; she must be his daughter.", when the guy suddenly turns around and grabs the girl's wrist, his wallet in her hand, and a small chain leading from his wallet back into his pocket!  He and his wife started yelling at her while he looked in his wallet to see if everything was still there.  Then the guy grabbed the girl's purse and started rifling through it.  Jennifer had heard pickpockets usually work in pairs, and saw another girl exchange glances with the culprit, then start pushing toward the far end of the car as the train came into the stop.  Jennifer told the wife, who initially grabbed a similar-looking, but wrong, girl. Jennifer shook her head, and the woman tried to catch the right girl, but it was too late.  At the stop, both girls rushed off and into the crowds, and that was that.

Made me wonder what kind of cool wallet the guy had.  Must have been a rude surprise for that girl. It bothers me that these people always walk away with no punishment.  They'll just move on the next victim.  Anyway, now we've seen two examples of the good guys winning.  :)

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