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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wipeout on the Champ de Mars

Blood everywhere!  I got a little overzealous sprinting at the end of a run with Jennifer on the Champ de Mars.  We ran the loop from École Militaire (Napolean's alma mater) to the Eiffel Tower together the other morning.  Of course, we go a little slower when we go together, so Jennifer always tells me to sprint at the end.  I got going so fast I was practically floating on air, and kept going for a pretty good while.  As I flew out of control towards the end of the gravel, I noticed one of those massive car barriers made of stone pylons with huge chains drooping between them.  I was going too fast to come to a complete stop, so the obvious thing to do was hop over the one foot-high middle of the chain, right?  Well, I guess I was a little more exhausted than I thought, miscalculated, and caught my toe on the chain while airborne.  As I was falling, I was already mad at myself.  And then it was a flat splat on the right knee, the left shoulder, both hands, and the right forehead - bonk!  Ouch!  I had just passed a woman walking the other way.  She turned around after hearing the thud, and said "Messieur?!"  From a position of lying pretty much flat on my face, I rolled over and sat up and said "I'm fine, no problem", with blood on my forehead. She persisted.  Jennifer hadn't even seen it.  She came jogging along to find the woman pulling a napkin out of her purse, which I was very grateful for.  Useful for wiping gravel out of the bloody scrapes!

Evidence after a couple days of healing...

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