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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fire-Fighting Seaplane in Port Pollença, Mallorca, Balearic Island of Spain

This is sort of random, but the unexpected is what makes travel fun, as long as it's not bad unexpected.  When we arrived at Port Pollença, we saw a big yellow plane crash into the bay, at least that's what it looked like at first.  It turns out they constantly practice with a pretty cool fire-fighting plane in this bay.  It's what the town is known for on Mallorca.  We saw it making practice runs two more times while we were there.  First, it flies down low over the water...

Then it actually flies while skimming the water for about a whole minute - not just a touch and go for sure - and scoops bay water directly into its water tanks.  

Once it's full, it flies off to the "fire" (all we saw were practice runs) and dumps the water.  Then it repeats.  Looks like dangerous flying for those pilots. 

Next post on clffs of Mallorca

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