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Monday, July 15, 2013

Julliet 14 2013 - Paris - Bastille Day - July 14th Fireworks at the Eiffel Tower

July 14th is the big summer fireworks holiday here and we live practically next door to them.  They have to have them at 11PM because it's still light until after 10PM.  We had dinner, then walked over and watched the fireworks with 800,000 other Parisians.  Our neighborhood is one of the paths to and from the whole thing, so we had thousands of people streaming by with their picnics in hand all evening, then thousands walking down the middles of the streets afterwards.  .

Had the tripod set up an hour before the fireworks, but still had tall people, people holding up iPhones, and people with kids on their shoulders blocking my view at times.  Jennifer stood on one side of the tripod to try to block people from kicking it over.  People were packed so tightly that some stood between the legs of my tripod, bumping now and again.  Oy, I barely have the patience, but it was all worth it.  

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