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Friday, June 28, 2013

Parisians Shop in Their Underwear (Not Online!)

A couple of days ago, the French sales started.  The French sales.  Apparently, vendors are only allowed to have sales between the end of June and mid-August, approximately.  I'm not going to attempt to fathom the "reason" behind this rule, law, or whatever it is.  This is a huge deal here on the news, like Black Friday in America, with news channels showing people in line waiting for the big sale.  I  actually saw more people than normal walking home with lots of shopping bags that day.  

So, what does shopping in your underwear have to do with all this?  And I don't mean online shopping.  One store here had a brilliant marketing plan: the first 100 customers who come to the store wearing only underwear will get free clothes, and admission to an exclusive "underwear party" to be held Saturday night on a boat on the Seine.  You can imagine how much free publicity they got.!dnAtPjMk18qU/

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