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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weird smoker thing

I was sitting at one of only two tables of the little boulangerie (bakery) down the block from our apartment, having my poulet (chicken curry) sandwich and typing away on my computer, when a guy walked up to the shop door right in front of me, bent over and put something on the ground, then stepped into the shop.  My laptop screen and a chair blocked my view, so I thought he was throwing something away.  A few minutes later, the guy walks out of the shop and down the street with a bag in his hand.  Anyway, about 30 seconds later, he comes back, leans over, and picks something up from the same spot.  It had actually been on the edge of the marble floor of the shop, just a few inches above street level.  It was his lit cigarette, which he promptly put in his mouth.

The question is, would you consider this to be thrifty and resourceful, or just gross?

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