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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Barge and I

Had a weird run this morning.  It was a bit cooler than the really hot days we've been having, so I ventured out from under the shade of the trees along the sides of the Champ de Mars, and crossed the street to run beside the Seine.  When I reached the river, I was looking at the boats at the docks and on the river.  I noticed this barge, about 100 feet long, was named Bjorn.  And then I noticed that I was still looking at the same barge after running another minute.  The barge and I were traveling at the same speed.  At first, I was near the back of the barge.  After a while I was near the front of it, but we stayed together for about 10 minutes.  There I was, chugging along with Bjorn the barge.  I ran way past where I was supposed to turn around just because it was kind of fun to have the sound of Bjorn's bow wave for company.  Wish I could have seen the captain and waved to him, but never did see him.  I saw a couple of firemen doing their obligatory morning run in their blue shorts and red shirts that say "Sapeurs Pompiers."  As I passed them, I told them in French I was running with the barge.  They laughed.

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