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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Corsica Coastal Road Views and a Giant Wild Pig

On the second day of our Corsica trip, we drove up the western coast.  Long stretches of the road are carved into cliffs.  The Tour de France had biked this road only a few days before.  They held the first couple of days on Corsica since Corsica is a part of France and because they wanted to do something special for the 100th Anniversary of the Tour.  We arrived in Corsica just as the Tour returned to the mainland.

The picture below doesn't do it justice, but you can see the road from the side here - that unnaturally straight line on the side of the hill.

None of the Tour de France riders fell hundreds of feet into the ocean, so we thought it would be safe to drive.  I had a hard time sleeping the night before the drive after having seen them ride along the rock face with nothing but a 1' stone wall between them and a long fall off a cliff.  I have a tendency to want to go as fast as possible on curvy roads, especially if an impatient driver is tailgating me.  I overcame my fear by deciding I would keep it slow this time. You won't fly off the side of the cliff if you're barely moving, right?

Here's a bit of what we saw.

On Corsica, they have wild pigs running around in the national parks.  They make a few types of local prosciutto out of them.  Below, an uninvited guest at a picnic.  That thing is a huge as it looks.

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