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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hike to a Blue Water Mountaintop Lake under a Glacier on Corsica ("Corse" en français)

Pictures from the next day's hike.  This hike went to two lakes, one feeding down to the other.  This top one is fed by a glacier.  This was one of those hikes where you think you see the top about 10 times.  Each time you go a little higher you see another pseudo-peak.  It was great to sit and watch the wind on the water for a while.  We saw a few people jump in this icy water, and then scream from the cold. The blue-green tint to the water is real.  Probably from the fine stone dust ground up and deposited into the lake by the motion of the glacier.

We saw this from a distance.  It wasn't on the trail, but it looked so cool we decided we had to go check it out.  A pool formed by the streams flowing out of the lakes far above.

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