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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Speaking French!

Jennifer was so proud of herself at the bar yesterday afternoon.  We were sitting outside, having our Belgian Leffe beers, in the bright sunlight and a cool 55 degree breeze, when she decided to seek out the ladies' room.  When she went inside, she looked around, but didn't see the bathroom, so she says to the bartender - "Ou est le toilette?" (Where's the toilet?), and he grins and says to her "Parfait!" (Perfect!), totally mocking her in a good-humored way, then pointed her to the bathroom.

Yeah, there's no chance we'll blend in.  Though I do have to say a lot of people keep speaking to me in French, until I get that blank, panicked look on my face!  At the Biocoop Organic grocery store, I understood what the checker asked me, but then answered "Si!, uh, Oui!". Too late, my cover was blown with a single word!

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