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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Saturday April 6th

We panicked and took the second apartment we saw when we couldn't get any more appointments on Saturday.  We knew the place is very nice in a great location, and we knew the owner was busily showing it to other people.  Also, we'd have to wait several days to see the next place, which would give others time to scoop it out from under us.  So, we decided to take the bird in hand.  This place is on the Rue de Federation, in the 15th.  After we took it, we realized, that besides being a few minutes walk from several metro stops and lots of shops and restaurants, it's about two blocks away from the park that contains the Eiffel Tower.  We could see it out our windows if it weren't for that pesky building across the street.  Of course, half of Paris can see it.

Anyway, this place conforms to the true meaning of "unfurnished" in Paris - no oven, no refrigerator no washer dryer, no dishwasher.  Not even light fixtures!  Just wires dangling from the ceiling.

So, after meeting our likely new landlord at the apartment to submit our "dossier",we went directly to the "Darty" store, which was recommended to us. I spent two or three hours picking out our new, small, expensive appliances on a web site called  It's just as well organized, if not better, than a Best Buy or Amazon.  I learned the word for oven, it's "four encastrable", which sounds like eunuch rock band.  Thank goodness for  Most things are easy to guess, like " Refrigerateur congelateur en bas". which means refrigerator with a freezer on the bottom.

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