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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Random shots walking around on a sunny Sunday

Photos taken walking from one place to another over a few hours on Sunday, which was sunny and about 55-60 degrees.

In Luxembourg Gardens, statue of lovers Acis and Galatea...

But, they were not alone...

Tulips at the Luxembourg Gardens

A different type of tulips, and lots of other flowers, at the Luxembourg Gardens.

Typical Parisian garage door.  OK, maybe a little above average.

Sculpture over a door in Paris, not far from Saint Germain Church.

Paris Saint Germain Church Iinterior

Below is the Church of Saint Sulpice.  This church is really, really big.  According to Wikipedia, "At 113 metres long, 58 metres in width and 34 metres tall, it is only slightly smaller than Notre-Dame and thus the second largest church in the city."  

Church of Saint Sulpice, Paris

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