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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Friday April 5th - Nutella Crepes and the Subway Music

I finally put work away after 8PM, which will be normal for me.  Ugh.  After dinner at home, despite the chill factor, we jumped on the metro and went to get a Nutella crepe at San Andres des Artes.  On the trip over, we say a guy playing saxophone, a guy playing pretty good blues guitar, and a really loud and bad sort of punk jazz band of four guys, including a couple of horns and a drummer. The first two guys were on their own, busy commuters walking by with barely a glance.  The bad jazz band had about three people standing there - no doubt their girlfriends.

We had our hot, fresh crepe on the run and went into Shakespeare and Co Bookstore for warmth.  One of the few places in town to get books in English.  I ended up buying Best European Fiction 2013.  They started copying the Best American Fiction series I've been a fan of since the 80's.  It's a great way to get exposed to a lot of excellent writers. 

On the way home, down in the metro tunnels, we came upon a crowd of about 75 people in a big circle around a great guitar/singer and bongoiste (the French word for bongo player - at least I'd bet it is),  It was a cozy scene out of the cold wind, with a lot of happy young people all grooving to this really excellent pop cover singer.  I'd never heard the songs before, but they were very catchy and the crowd knew them by heart.  He would stop singing and let them sing the chorus when it came around.  They were in a great mood.  We stayed for two whole songs and the crowd hadn't changed that much in that time.  

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