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Friday, March 27, 2015

It Snowed the Whole Time

On our third snowshoe hike, it snowed the whole time.  [Day 1 PhotosDay 2 Photos, Day 4 Photos]

Snow in the air and everywhere.  The falling snow is most visible in the widest part of the stream, but it's in the air between us and the far trees too.

Breaking trail through the forest.  Along the way, we had to clamber over a couple of snow-slides that had happened either the night before or the same morning.

Misty mountain, misty valley.  Still coming down.

As soon as the wind blows, the even coating of snow on every tree branch crumbles.  It was still snowing, with little wind, so this one is still near-perfect.

At the top of the hike, we came to the head of a big valley.  We had a hot lunch in the rustic wooden refuge there (not in the photo).

While we ate, we were lucky enough to see three chamois appear high on the steep mountainside. A chamois is a small deer with short, sharp horns.  They were rooting around for anything edible that might have been revealed by a recent avalanche.  I know you're going to ask why I don't have the photos to prove it.  They were so far away that they appeared as small dots even when seen through binoculars.

Below, a different way of looking at the same valley.

After lunch, the view heading down valley.

 On the way down, we passed this frozen waterfall covered in snow.  The ice had a light blue tint.  

Clouds drifting up the valley.  Or is it fog?

The sun finally came out by the time we got back to Samoens.  This beautifully chiseled peak looms directly over the village.

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