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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Chartres Light Show on the Cathedral and Beyond

This fall, we went down to Chartres (only an hour or so from Paris, without traffic at least) to see the light show that runs most nights from spring to fall.  The show consists of moving images exactly fit to the outlines of the cathedral and other structures around town.  They custom-engineered projectors and imagery to fit each exact site of the projections.  It's impressive to see.

The photos below are photos of the buildings at night, during the show.

They do still projections, but the projections are also animated.  Sometimes they have little people climbing up the walls, or a whole field of stars gliding across the face of the cathedral,  This looks more like a drawing, but it's a photo.

They have a series of images and animations they show on various sides of the buildings.  This is on one side of the Cathedral.

This is another church in Chartres.

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