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Friday, June 5, 2015

Business in Singapore

I had a really short trip to Singapore for work.  Here are a few photos of the harbor area they've developed into a truly pleasant place to walk around, shop, exercise, eat, and generally socialize.

The Singapore Merlion (like mer-lion - like mer-maid)  - Lion on top, Fish on bottom.  Symbol of the city.  Wiki about it.

White lotus-shaped building in foreground is MarinaBay ArtScience Museum.... Wiki on it.
Inside the mega-mall bordering the harbor.  Every luxury brand has a store in it.  Do people really buy that stuff?
I guess someone must be buying $5000 purses from Hermés and $50,000 watches from Cartier, just no one I've ever known.  Yet. :)

Update on Hermés bags, just to show how ignorant I am of the world of luxury goods.  Typical prices for Hermés bags are between $15,000 and 20,000, but a Birkin bag  by Hermés was recently auctioned for over $200,000 - for a purse!  Sick people!  I mean really sick people! 

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