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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Foundation Louis Vuitton AKA "That New Frank Gehry Museum Near Paris"

Our friend Chi's visit coincided with the opening weekend of the new Louis Vuitton Foundation museum designed by Frank Gehry.  The museum resembles a tall ship with billowing white sails, and it's located in the huge Bois de Boulogne park on the western edge of Paris proper.  From Paris, all it takes to get there is an easy metro ride and a 10-minute walk.

The first photo is of the "prow" of the ship.  These billowing white superstructures resemble taut sails in a strong wind.  Gehry even designed the white stripes to evoke the seams on sails.

This is from near the rear of the "ship" looking forward up the side.

Lots of people came to see the new architectural landmark.  The visitors are reflected in the glass.  I like how the shape of the glass elongates their forms.

The photo below is taken from the front.  From this angle, you can see the waterfall flowing down to the "hull."  Also, this angle allows you to see how the building is sunken thirty or so feet below street level.  The water flows into a pool around the base.  This pool continues the length of the building, as if the whole building is floating.

The photo below shows where the water meets the front of the building.  An appropriate place for the chic and glamorous to hang out.  My guess is this will be featured in a sci-fi movie soon.  I'm visualizing using this as a dramatic backdrop to a meeting of the rebels with a double agent from galactic command.

The light was getting better.

This pool in front feeds the waterfall, but was clearly designed to provide nice reflections as well.

I was prepared to be unimpressed, but instead I was really glad we made the effort to get out there.  Go see it if you get the chance!

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