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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dawn at the Bay of Pollenca, Mallorca

This post is mostly photos of the Bay of Pollenca taken at dawn.  But, before we go to the dawn photos, here's a panorama taken from the highest point in the area.  the view was always changing with the sun and the clouds.  It only took about twenty minutes to drive to from our hotel, so we went to the top several times.

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Our room faced the lovely Bay of Pollenca, which is surrounded by dry, scrubby hills.  The first morning in our hotel room, I was awakened by an orange glow coming through a gap in the curtains.  That inspired me to get up early and go down to the beach before 6AM the next two mornings in a row.  It's so, hard to get up that early, if it's to do something you don't want to do, but it wasn't so bad in this case.  This photo is long before the sunrise.  The lighthouse  at the tip of the peninsula was still lit.

The sun is getting brighter here.  I stayed almost two hours.  In all that time, I only saw about ten people, and that was only after I'd been there over an hour.

Later, a man came out to do Tai-Chi at the end of a pier.  It was like the whole bay and sky were his workout room.  The lighting is a little confusing here.  The sun is up, but it's muted by clouds in the foreground, while reflecting off the higher clouds further away.

This is the pier where a teenage boy had come out to fish.  He had the place to himself.  The sun is just going behind the clouds in this one.

I like the reflections on the silvery water and the glowing clouds in this one.  

Au revoir, Mallorca!

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