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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Julliet 14th 2014 - Bastille Day - July 14th - Paris Fireworks (Feu d'Artifice) Part 1

Here are a few more photographs of Paris' spectacular fireworks display dedicated to the 100th anniversary of "The Great War", known to us Americans as World War I.

This year, they used the Eiffel Tower itself as a launch pad for fireworks.  Fireworks were shot off the Tour Eiffel in every way imaginable - from top to bottom, with an amazing variety of colors and designs.  It was clear they really went all out on the fireworks, and had incredibly talented people who must have worked for months to create these fantastic results.  The "feux d'artifice" ( the French words for fireworks - literally translated - "art fires") kept you guessing what was to come next the whole night.  Though you can't hear them in the photos, the National Orchestra of France was playing classic fireworks hits - clearly audible via concert speakers placed throughout the Champ de Mars and the Trocadero.

Getting kind of smoky out here.

This was a deeply satisfying show- a show that delivered more than could ever have been expected, a show with so much I'd never seen before.  That's such a rare experience these days!

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Still more to come in a future post.

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