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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Norway Styggevatnet Glacier Panorama 1

Here's a quick preview of the Norway Glaciers post I'm working on.  

This is a panorama of our guided group hiking on the Norwegian glacier named Styggevatnet.  We kayaked seven kilometers from the far end of the lake to get here.  The far end is around a bend, so you can't quite see it.  Crevasses about 100 feet deep in all directions make the rope necessary.  We're all wearing crampons on our hiking boots, which makes it quite easy to crunch along on the ice.  

The panorama has a flaw due to movement - the two pictures near Jennifer overlap, but Jennifer shifted a little in the second between taking the first photo and the next.  So it looks like you can see right through the back of her head.  The jagged edges around the photo are because the pictures are not taken perfectly level and at the same height across the scene.  I could have cropped them out, but I didn't want to lose the scenery.    

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